The future home of your ideas printed in amazing 3D Here in South Wales!

Ok, so lets tell you a little about Think It Print It 3D, our goals and beliefs, and where we see your future with 3D printing and additive manufacturing. I was first introduced to 3D printing a couple of years ago by the chief engineer Mike Winson at the Radio station I work at here in South Wales. We often have our geeky chats, put the world to right, and enthuse about new technology. As i have been a keen D.I.Y enthusiast for a number of years, I was instantly hooked! The idea that I could work within a 3D environment, design and print a component specifically for my project, maybe even something for the project that I just couldn’t source anywhere, but with 3D printing and a little patience to learn the applications I could simply design it and print it was just mind blowing!

I went home and started to trawl the internet for as much information as I could find out about additive manufacturing, and scoured the house for things to sell so I could some how get enough money together to buy my first 3D printer.

As I read more and more pages my excitement started to grow, the possibilities were endless, and reading about some of the work that was being done to create components for life changing things from false limbs to facial reconstruction often brought a tear to my eye. The fact that anyone with a great idea, and i mean anyone, could now start creating and designing life changing things to benefit the world, from people in your local community right the way through to struggling 3rd world countries was just incredible! It was at this same time I realised that not enough people knew about this technology, particularly children, the bright minds of our future, and this is where my Idea for “Think It Print It 3D” came from.

Think It Print It 3D!

Think It Print It 3D is about creating a community, a resource, and a platform to help young people explore and develop their ideas through the medium of 3D printing. We want to introduce and encourage as many Schools and Colleges as possible to take advantage of 3D printing, and provide a support resource and equipment supply service, helping them every step of the way.

Whilst our target may appear to be the youth, Think It Print It 3D is not limited in any way as to who can be part of our 3D community. Any age, Any Gender, any nationality, or religion, from any part of the world, we can all have an important contribution, even collaborate on ideas together. I am also very keen to encourage anyone with any kind disability to also get involved as well. I believe strongly that if you have a disability you should not be discriminated against, and I will try hard to find a way for you to get involved. Everyone is welcome to join in and start creating and developing new ideas today! We will build  you your own personal page (Kinda like a Facebook for 3D printing) Host your designs where you can share them with the community, and where anyone can download them and print them off, and if you’ve not got a 3D printer of your own just year (Don’t worry, many people don’t!) we’ll offer a print service where you can get your ideas printed off in a range of materials and colours!


  • Personal Pages

    Tell people and possible employers about yourself, skill level and designs

  • Forum

    Ask questions, share solutions to the community.

  • Tools

    Links to Software, both free and paid for applications, with links to “How To” videos to get you started!

  • Share

    Share or sell your prints, upload, host and download designs for free!

  • Order 3D Prints

    You can have your or anyone else’s designs printed in a range of materials and colours!

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